Say Hello to the Mary Hot Pants


Our hot pants are here—just in time for Spring! They're bold, playful, and are inspired by 1960s London designer, Mary Quant, famous for pushing the envelope when it came to youth fashion in the Mod movement. She is known for short hemlines, color-blocking, and the eye-catching Mod look.


Mary was born in London in the 1930's to two schoolteachers and graduated with a diploma in Art Education from Goldsmith's. She opened her own store, Bazaar, in 1955 which featured her own quirky designs of simple silhouettes and bold colors. She's credited as creating the hot pants and mini skirt, though, she admits, she was just trying to keep her customers happy in a time when people wanted to break down the barriers of fashion, "...make it shorter, shorter, shorter." 


Mary is a visionary and helped women transcend the boundaries of what was expected of them. She laid the groundwork for feminism in fashion by designing clothing for women based on how they want to feel, as opposed to how they should look. Her designs allowed her to create her own successful business and she was even appointed Officer of the Order of the British Empire for influencing the fashion industry. She's living proof that following your dreams can pay off with some hard work and perseverance. Mary Quant is a powerhouse and one of our idols. We're excited to honor her the best way we can, with our Mary Hot Pants. Here's to you, Mary Quant.


Find our Mary hot pants in our online shop along with other hand made apparel. Be seeing you.

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